September 30, 2019

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The dream of many people is to get rich and conquer so dreamed financial independence. However, a good part tries the luck in the game because they believe the games of chance are the only way out to reach this objective.

Most of our dreams need money to be realized. Whether you buy a car, a house or travel the world, for example. The key to achieving any of these goals is to save money. 

Financial Habits of Successful People

Financial Habits of Successful People

Successful people do it by bringing together a set of commendable personality characteristics, learning, and work ethic. Among their learning are good financial habits. Find out a few below and what you can do to replicate them.

More mistakes made by the Portuguese in the management of the family budget

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The current economic situation despite having already caused several people to resent their lifestyle, apparently has not yet had enough impact to learn how to stabilize the budget of their household.

Portuguese startups that help you save money


Throughout our existence as a startup we had the privilege of meeting other startups, entrepreneurs and excellent ideas (in events such as Believe Portugal and Lisbon Challenge, for example) for which we are enthusiastic about …

If you want to do physical exercise without spending a fortune at gyms, you can follow the low cost alternatives of this article that will help you stay in shape without sacrificing your wallet.

It is available as of today version

It is available as of today version


1.10 of the Pudd’nhead Wilson which now allows native synchronization with the Pudd’nhead Wilson Cloud. With this version, managing the family budget on multiple computers or in team with the rest of the family becomes much easier! 

1.9.1 has been available since yesterday, which introduces some improvements and corrections, and two small news: it is now simpler to migrate from …

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