The full City Council approves asking the Ministry of Finance in advance of 28.2 million euros

The plenary session of the City council of Jaén has approved, with the votes in favor of the PP and Citizens (C’s) and the opposition of the PSOE and Jaén in Common (JEC) the request of an advance of 28.2 million within the framework of the Fund of Ordination of the Government for consistories in “financial risk”.

In the ordinary session, the Councilor for Finance, Manuel Bonilla, explained that the measure, contemplated in Royal Decree 10/2015 and in the third chapter of which the Government collects measures to support the municipalities that face financial problems and reduce the arrears of the public sector, it is considered urgent and extraordinary.

Specifically, it is “an extra-budgetary advance” to ten years in 2016, on which he said that “it is not an advance on the PIE”, although “the calculation formula is the total volume of deliveries” of this year charged to those state taxes. Along with the request, the City Council is committed to the formalization of a loan operation to refinance it.

The mayor has argued that it is an “economic injection” more by the Government with which 112 million will be received by the Consistory in the coming months. He added that it is not new indebtedness, but that this amount is being passed from short-term suppliers’ liabilities to long-term financial debt, something that has been described as “good” because the municipal problem is of general and short-term debt.

Bonilla has emphasized that this type of measures allow “greater maneuverability” to be able to deal with the payment of basic services and suppliers, a point in which he has asked the groups that reject him “how debts are paid” to those who to face “already”.

For his part, the PSOE deputy spokesman, Mercedes Gámez, has stressed that “this advance today will be a loan in April” is “a new burden for the difficult” municipal situation to the interest and conditions then established by the Ministry of Finance with the modification of the adjustment plan.

In line and with what would be the sixth change in that plan, he regretted that it remains on “wet paper” with modifications “to achieve a little funding to keep pulling forward”, but “no global solutions”. In it, María Dolores Nieto, from Jaén en Común, has been pronounced, for which she continues “deepening in an already serious problem” and walking in “an impasse”.

The mayor, who has assumed that the municipal situation is complicated, but it will be “difficult” to leave it while maintaining the same policies from the central government with which, in his opinion, the City Council is increasingly weakened by the Ministry and before financial entities.

Iván Martínez, from Citizens, said these operations are “temporary solutions, but necessary” and stressed that “what can not be done is to stop paying.” “It may be a patch, perhaps more usual than it should be, but for now it is the solution we have,” he said, not without pointing out the need to work on a long-term project.




 Along with this point, the plenary has also read the institutional declaration of the FEMP on municipal coordination in refugee assistance and has been informed of the start of the file to investigate the possible ownership of the Municipality of Otíñar elements.

Among other issues, in addition, the protection ordinances against noise pollution and rural roads have been definitively approved. The first has come out with the votes in favor of PSOE and PP and the abstention of JEC and C’s, while the second has had the abstention of JEC and the eyes of the other three groups.




The session has experienced moments of tension when debating the motions, specifically when addressing the first on child poverty defended by the Councilor of JEC Andrés Bódalo, who wore a T-shirt in support of José Javier Paulino. He is the 17-year-old boy who suffers from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, whose family requests collaboration, especially financial, to be able to face the three months must pass in Cordoba after undergoing a bone marrow transplant.

The boy’s mother, who was among the public with other citizens with the same shirt, has reproached from the bench the lack of municipal response to their request for help. The mayor, José Enrique Fernández de Moya (PP), has said that given the poor financial situation of the City Council, the means at his disposal are offered, as spaces for festivals and galas to obtain funds; he has lamented the “demagoguery” and added that “we have all problems.”

The crossing of statements, between boos and raised voices, have led several members of the Corporation in their subsequent interventions to describe what happened as a “spectacle” that has made them feel “embarrassed”.